Training local First Responders

Preparedness is a priority for local first responders, FIRE, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Hospitals for gas well emergencies. The Wayne County Emergency Management Agency and WILD WELL Control INC. in a partnership to train the local First responders over the past year. 

Wild Well Control has the firefighting and emergency response expertise to respond to oil and gas or marine incidents worldwide.  When an incident occurs, a Wild Well Control First Responder will make initial contact with the client, assess the situation and then develop an action plan.  The action plan will include the resources and equipment needs for the incident.  The action plan will be reviewed with the client, and once approved, will be activated.

A well control event is any level of incident where the integrity of the wellbore or operations (drilling/workover/remedial) is in jeopardy. The event could be a pressure control situation or as catastrophic as a blowout with or without fire. Keep in mind that Blow out wells are very rare. 1 in about 1,000 wells.

Wild Well Control inc. started in 1975 over 35 years of experience from all over the  world. In 1991 Wild Well Control inc. responded to the country of Kuwait and capped more than 130 oil wells that were set on fire by the Iraq Army as they left Kuwait, What should have taken a year only took 8 months.

Today Wild Well responds to over 50 well control events each year all over the world. With the gas drilling on land for oil and gas Wild Well Control inc. has put together a 6 hour training course for first responders to help them understand what could happen and how to deal with a well event.

The Course that Wild Well Control inc. provides is understanding the cause of a Blow out, Rigs & their components, Tactics for first on scene, Suburban interface ricks, Response methodology FAQ’s, Well control scene management, Firefighting & Well control equipment, and Case history.

The State Fire Commissioner along with the State Fire Academy has taken this training from Wild Well control inc. and is now training  State instructor’s for teaching the same course. Wayne County has not had the State instructor teach this course because we can get the  instructor’s from Wild Well Control inc. that has been controling well events for over 35 years, with no cost to anyone. Wild Well Control inc. has trained over 300 first responders, Law enforcement, and Hospital staff in Wayne County this past year. We are looking at providing Table Top Training to the first responders in 2011. Again Wild Well Control inc. will be here to run this training and over see the response and control the event, giving the First responders realisict training. This type of training is the next step in the training plan.

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